Marketing for Engineering Firms

What's your #1 problem?

My guess is that it would be one of two things: getting more leads or closing them as clients. If either is the case for you, let's fix it today, once and for all.

What do we do?

  • Get you a Marketing plan
  • Make your website up to date
  • Get your website seen online through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Manage your company's reputation
  • Manage and update your social media accounts
  • Create and manage your ads online (ad spend is extra, we recommend $1,000 per month on that).
  • Create your newsletters
  • Get you a great CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) set up and ready for leads/deals
  • Help you run your Marketing efforts and get that in sync with your Sales team

We do all of this for a setup fee of $7,500 (includes the first month) and then $5,000 per month. Plus, you get unlimited website updates and a free website redesign every 3 years.